Rememberance Day

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day

There are numerous symbols, emblems, logos and badges that are associated to a variety of causes, institutions and organisations. However, there are very few that are as thought-provoking, poignant and have the visual impact of the red ‘Flanders’ poppy. Steeped in the history and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, this simple looking flower, born out of the chaos and destruction of war, is an amazing symbol of resilience, hope, inclusivity and remembrance.

Several weeks ago, I was out running early in the morning in a particularly picturesque part of rural Gloucestershire, when I got a reminder of the power and impact the poppy can have. I came across a field that was lined with layer after layer of perfect poppies, stretching across the length of the field – visually perfect and a sight that made you stop, think, reflect and remember all past and present members of the Armed Forces (and their families) who serve with honour and dedication – Bravo!

We will remember!

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