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This week, I am training a client in the art of counter surveillance (CS). A skill I was taught by the Security Services and the Police. During the training the client and I have been travelling around London by foot, vehicle and on public transport. The techniques I teach are how to spot people following you and might pose a threat, how to avoid such threats and how to escape a potential ‘shadow’. We have covered various elements of CS in previous posts including our articles on ‘situation awareness’, Dec 21 and wallet/purse advice, Jan 21.

The risk of falling foul to incidents are highest when utilising public transport (compared to vehicles/on foot). While on public transport this week, I have noticed so many people carrying rucksacks, handbags, should bags without the baggage securely fastened (zips undone, pockets left open, valuable items on display etc.). This morning, I was on a busy tube with the client and standing with his back towards me was a chap with a rucksack on his back and the back pocket open with a wallet protruding from it.

Yesterday, I noticed many people with their mobiles phone sticking out of her back pocket. There are so many pickpocket teams in London, especially on the Underground, that we must all be vigilant at all times and protect our valuable items.

As a reminder – 7 security tips when on public transport:

1.      Use an oyster card – less hassle and cuts down on the times you have to take your wallet/cards out of your bag/purse
2.      Plan your journey and know where you are going – try to avoid looking like you are lost. Thieves look for and prey on easy targets
3.      Keep your bags zipped and keep your phone, wallet and purse out of sight and valuables secure. When on a busy tube its best to take your rucksack off and place between your legs/feet. Make use of the strap for shoulder and handbags
4.      Avoid displaying anything of obvious value e.g., expensive watches or Jewelry
5.      Stay alert of your surroundings and the people in close proximity to you at all time – avoid the use of headphones. Avoid bringing attention towards yourself
6.      Trust your instincts – if you are sat somewhere and feel uncomfortable move away
7.      If at any time you feel unsafe, feel you are being followed, get off at the next station and alert a member of staff or the Police

If you require counter surveillance training, or training in any aspect of our services here at Valkyrie, please contact us at or 02074 999 323.

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