People matter: why cyber security is about more than just technology

People matter: why cyber security is about more than just technology
People matter: why cyber security is about more than just technology

In today’s data-driven world, cyber security is more important than ever. At Valkyrie, we continually assist clients in protecting their critical data. However, as cyber threats become more sophisticated and costly, business leaders must become the front line of defence. This means focusing strongly on building a culture where cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. By promoting this culture, leaders can protect themselves against the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, reduce business disruption and recover more quickly should an attack occur.

Over the past year, multiple high-profile incidents have occurred in the UK and globally, reinforcing the need for all businesses to enhance their cyber resilience. 39% of UK businesses reported suffering a cyber-attack in 2022. Cyber crime cost UK companies an average of £4,200 in 2022. In 2022, only 43% of UK businesses were insured against cyber-attacks. As cyber crime becomes more prevalent, so do the types of attacks on businesses.

The problem is that protecting an organisation’s data has become increasingly difficult. A shift to hybrid working has presented malicious actors with new opportunities to target vulnerable remote workers via phishing attacks, email thread hijacking or impersonating the organisation in emails or online.

Business leaders are beginning to react, recognising the importance of building cyber resiliency and utilising new technologies/technology to strengthen cyber security. However, cyber security is just as much about people as technology. In tandem with technology solutions, there needs to be a cultural shift within businesses that recognises the importance of cyber security.

This comes from the top down and filters through to all levels. A key component is influencing employee behaviour around cyber resilience in the workplace – empowering people with the latest training and skills to become champions of the best cyber security practices. Businesses need to work together to ward off cyber threats encouraging a comprehensive approach to cyber risk and security.

Sophisticated cyber security attacks can wreak havoc on operations, finances, and reputation. Therefore, adopting proactive measures to protect digital assets and safeguard your businesses is crucial. Ten essential strategies that are practical and cost-effective that aim to fortify your company’s defences against threats

Strong Passphrases & MFA

Employee Training & Awareness

Regular Software Updates &  Patch Management

Data Backup & Recovery

Robust Firewall & Antivirus Solutions

Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Restrict User Access – Implement Least Privilege

Secure Mobile Devices

Regular Audits &  Vulnerability Assessments

Incident Response Plan & practising scenarios

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