Overseas operations: how Valkyrie provides world-class security anywhere

Overseas operations: how Valkyrie provide world-class security anywhere
Overseas operations: how Valkyrie provide world-class security anywhere

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we are fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team which allows us to provide an array of complementing services. Last week the team were in France and Spain conducting two overseas operations. Both tasks required a blend of our services but centred around protecting sensitive information and ensuring nothing had been breached/accessed; this was the TSCM and device-compromise part, services that require both a general and detailed knowledge of various subjects including surveillance, technology, networks, and hacking.

In addition to the TSCM and device-compromise services, we provided both clients with a full holistic review of their security, including physical and cyber security and advised on associated Legal issues. This supported one of our clients’ ongoing litigations currently at a critical stage. Although the litigation is based within the UK, the clients live overseas.

We conduct much of our work in the UK for various individuals and entities, but approx. 30% of our work is conducted overseas. We like to think we’re well drilled for overseas operations. However, you can take nothing for granted, and we always plan in as much detail as possible to eliminate any problems that may/could occur, especially when travelling with a considerable amount of specialist equipment dictated by timelines.

We have developed an excellent overseas ‘checklist’ to consider all the additional logistic requirements involved with international travel, this works well, but in our experience, most countries’ travel regulations differ in some way. Hence, it’s essential to dig into the detail on a country-by-country basis to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Good planning will hopefully prevent having to inform the client that you will be late or you’ve been delayed. That said, even the most meticulous planning doesn’t always survive the unknown pitfalls of international travel, so try to have a ‘worst case scenario’ or plan B (maybe even a plan C).

In recent years we have experienced an increase in the requirement for the multi-service approach from clients as it provides a ‘one-stop shop’ and good value for money.

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