National Archives

Here at Valkyrie, we occasionally have requests from clients to trace historical records of loved ones.  Be it military records, ancestry enquiries or information about a persons life.  Although the majority of our work involve bug sweeping, cyber security, surveillance and investigations, we are always happy to provide clients with services bespoke to their needs.

We have a lot of resources at our disposal, one of which being The National Archives in Kew, London.

The National Archives is a wonderful building and well worth a visit.  We took a visit there this week and found the information we were seeking.

Previously, most documents held by the national archives were kept “closed” (or secret) for 50 years: under an amending act of 1967 this period was reduced to 30 years (the so-called “thirty year rule”). These provisions changed significantly when the UK’s Freedom of Information Act 2000 came into full effect in 2005: the 30 year rule was abolished and closed records in The National Archives became subject to the same access controls as other records of public authorities, allowing Valkyrie access to thousands of records enabling us to complete historical records of those individuals requested by our clients.

If you require this service, or any other service Valkyrie offers, please contact us at email: or telephone 0207 499 9323.

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