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Recent events reported in the media show that device compromise is still a common occurrence. Here at Valkyrie, we have seen more and more of our clients combining device compromise checks with our TSCM services. As we have mentioned in previous posts, technology is a great tool to aid us in everyday life; however, it also comes with a downside of malicious actors using technology against us. It doesn’t matter who you are; you can be a potential target, whether your governments, HNWI, 3rd Party supply chains or corporate organisations.

Many organisations deploy their own devices; therefore, many people carry around two devices. Whilst the corporate device will have additional security controls, the personal devices usually lack basic security implementation. This creates behavioural issues within the user as they start thinking that their device is as secure as the corporate device.

Everyone has the right to privacy and to protect their reputation, and Valkyrie firmly believes in raising awareness of these threats regardless of who you are.

Some general reminder points below as per our most recent article on the issue 17/10

  1. Enable Password/Passcode protection for all mobile devices
  2. Enable PINs for SIM cards
  3. Carefully monitor Bluetooth connections and ensure that the phones are only sometimes trusted devices. This also applies to WiFi connections
  4. Always ensure that mobile devices are kept secure on the person and not left unattended
  5. Lock away in a safe/secure location all mobile devices that are not being used
  6. Should a mobile device be lost and then re-discovered, treat it as compromised and have the handset examined or replaced before continued use
  7. Back up and keep secure all information held on mobile devices so that new handsets can be quickly updated and used if required
  8. Make sure patching updates are downloaded and installed. These updates contain potential security updates critical to minimising a security breach of your data/device

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