I joined Valkyrie in September 2021 and am thoroughly enjoying it!  I thought I’d put a face to a name – so here I am!  I am usually found on the second floor at 15 Belgrave Square, so if you’re in the area, come in, ask for me and I’ll make you a drink!

Soon, my bio will be added to the Valkyrie website at www.valkyrie.co.uk – here is a sneak peak!

Simon spent 24 years serving with the Metropolitan Police, during which time he worked in the CID as a detective before joining Special Branch as a surveillance operative. He worked in a counter-terrorism role as well as working undercover to investigate threats from extremism and activist groups. He also worked as an agent handler in the UK and overseas, liaising with other specialist intelligence agencies, before finishing his police career in the Counter Terrorism Command. He has also worked as a bodyguard, personal assistant and security consultant for a globally recognised film and TV celebrity where he was embedded with the family taking an active role in all aspects of security surrounding that individual, their immediate family and their wider family interests.

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