Forms Of Communication

All forms of communications are an essential part of everyday life, be it verbal, written or non-verbal. Reliable and robust communications is a vital ingredient in the security industry especially when conducting taskings such as Surveillance and protection taskings – whether it’s a surveillance handover or a Client pick-up we rely on good communications to facilitate a high standard of service.

While discussing this with Dave earlier this morning he mentioned the military often say, ‘if you cannot communicate there is no point in being there…’ – in other words, you need to be able to tell people (commanders) what is going on and what you’re doing OR what’s the point of being there!

As we all know, there are many different types of systems to communicate and it’s something that has significantly changed and advanced over the years, from semaphore (flag or lights), the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, bravo, Charlie etc.), Morse code (dit-dah-dit) to the modern mobile networks and the internet; to name but a few. Dave has ‘special’ (not so fond) memories regarding morse code as he had to learn it while in the military, actually he attended one of the last courses before it was phased out – he remains fluent well sort of, defiantly not 9 words a minute anymore more like 2. He says he still has difficulty not interpreting car number plates to morse, which an instructor told him was a good way to learn.

Most mornings, he demands I, .–. ..- – / – …. . / -.- . – – .-.. . / — -. for his morning -… .-. . .–

Being British, an automatic conversation is the .– . .- – …. . .-. and what the .–. .-.. .- -. is for the rest of the day!

Here at Valkyrie, we do hope you have a .-.. — …- . .-.. -.– / .– . . -.- . -. -..

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