The VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED forensic team are busy this week with collections, investigations and litigation support work. Standard work for our team but an interesting investigation also came through this week which we thought you might like to hear about. Our client had a bad leaver. He was let ago for various reasons and it wasn’t amicable. After 6 weeks of negotiations, he finally decided to hand in his works laptop and phone (iPhone). When handing it in, he said the phone was no longer working as he had accidentally dropped it into a ‘fish tank’. We couldn’t help but see the funny side of the apparent fish tank incident, it reminded us of when we were kids at school and had to make excuses to the teacher when we didn’t do our homework e.g. ‘the dog ate my text book’?.

Once we had the phone the team tried powering it up but as you would expect nothing happened and it appeared dead; therefore, they asked our Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures, Gurpreet Thathy to take a look. He took the phone apart to investigate further and found not only had the phone been in the fish tank but the battery had been removed – the plot thickens. On further examination, the connectors are badly damaged and need cleaning which has been done and a new screen and battery are on order. Let’s see on Friday if we can successfully gain access to the data. ‘To be continued’ as they used to say in various movies, cartoons and TV series!

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