Country Activities

Dave and I had an early start this morning supporting a client in the Suffolk area. We made a pit stop enroute for a highly nutritious sausage roll, luckily the garage was open!  After a ‘Mr. Ben’ style speedy dress change we transformed ourselves into ‘country gents’ ready to support our client. One of the activities arranged for the busy morning was clay pigeon shooting, hence the shotgun.  Dave, a seasoned military man was at home with shotgun in hand, and he provided me with a couple of ‘interesting stories’ about how he had used shotguns in his previous life, most involved opening doors but without the key. Although I thought I fitted in quite well to the country environment Dave said I looked more like Del Boy than the Duke of Maylebury. ‘…Where you get that shotgun from? Iggy Higgins. Iggy Higgins robs banks. Yeah I know, but it’s Saturday!’ (Only Fools and Horses – Royal Flush episode, 1986)

A great morning and even the weather didn’t spoil it. A lot of planning involved to deliver a successful event for the client and his guests but well worth it.

Have a great weekend!

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