Corporate Aircraft – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Corporate Aircraft – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM):


Aircraft TSCM inspections are designed to assure privacy to aircraft owners and occupants. Whether the aircraft is new, used, or a chartered jet, privacy is of utmost importance. Corporate aircraft of all sizes are frequently used as mobile offices and meeting rooms when airborne or static on the  ground. Conversations and activities on the aircraft may be of national or international importance, corporate confidential or personal. They are often landed at low profile airfields for servicing and engineering works with little or inadequate security. In addition, many corporate aircraft are chartered or leased under fractional ownership or timeshare schemes. In this regard, they are prone to electronic eavesdropping equipment disguised as the standard electronic and avionics equipment onboard and wired using avionic cabling and connectors. Our Aircraft TSCM Inspections help to protect valuable information that has value to an eavesdropper, or that may threaten the safety of the passengers


Recommendations on the frequency of Aircraft TSCM Inspections:


  1. Before taking possession of any aircraft, whether newly acquired, used, or remodelled.
  2. Before chartered flights where confidential corporate or sensitive personal information will be exchanged.
  3. If electronic eavesdropping is suspected on the aircraft.
  4. If it is reasonable to suspect that the occupant(s) of the aircraft is a high-value electronic eavesdropping target or the occupant has been collected against in another location (e.g. home, office, etc.)
  5. The crew, maintenance staff, employees, etc., are considered an internal eavesdropping threat.
  6. If the owner/occupant is the subject of pending or active litigation, especially when the opposing party has access to privileged information not otherwise known.


We also recommend the following intervals for preventive Aircraft TSCM Inspections:  Quarterly to provide early detection of threats presented by changes (crew, systems, decor, staff, etc.).


Valkyrie has the experience and knowledge to conduct specialised searches on all corporate aircraft. TSCM specialists will conduct a thorough physical and electronic inspection for illicit eavesdropping devices and eavesdropping vulnerabilities on each tasking. Inspections include detecting both traditional eavesdropping devices and cyber eavesdropping devices & vulnerabilities. We also search for covert digital audio & video recording systems which may become active when the aircraft is airborne. Valkyrie uses the most advanced TSCM equipment available, and methodologies and processes are continuously evolving to assist with combating the ever-changing threat landscape.


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