Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution and Resolution with Members of the General Public


Advice for teams or individuals who might come in contact with the public.

When attending public meetings consider:

Is the subject matter likely to raise tensions?

If yes, do you really need to attend?

Are you attending as part of a group or alone?

If alone, make someone aware of your intentions

Things to consider if you decide to attend:

Consider your awareness at the venue and identify exit routes for easy egress

Sit as close to the exit as you can

Avoid sitting next to individuals who seem upset or aggressive

Monitor the tone of the meeting and if it significantly changes for the worst, consider making an early exit!

Sadly, some protests will ultimately turn violent in nature, enclosed are some additional measures which could reduce the risk.

Where a project is likely to be a target for protest:

Make your line management aware, when you intend to travel to a protest site, call them on arrival advise them how long you intend to be on site and when you ultimately leave site.

Monitor internet coverage from protest sites, prior to your visit and avoid sites where the likelihood of violent protest is enhanced

Seek guidance and support from your local Police Force, if there has been a defined threat to your project activity

Use rental cars and vans rather than your own personal vehicles

If it is not a secure controlled access site, review the area before entering the site and ensure that you have a safe exit route

If approached by a member of the general public avoid contact, do not give your name and do not engage in conversation with protestors

Be courteous and respectful and do nothing to agitate the situation

Be vigilant and check for signs of a change in protest activity and leave the site before it becomes violent

Document any interaction with members of the general public when it is safe to do so and pass this information to your project manager

Do not take any unnecessary risks with your own safety and that of others who may be present

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