Bug sweeping: creating your TSCM Travel Kits

Valkyrie TSCM Travel Kits
Valkyrie TSCM Travel Kits

Valkyrie has been supplying clients with TSCM travel kits for some time now, and they have proved to be popular. A longstanding client who travels regularly recently requested several from us for his team as he has upcoming sensitive business-related travel. Our TSCM travel kits have evolved over time with feedback from our clients and technological evolution. The kits aim to provide a client or their team with the capability to perform an excellent basic search of a room before utilising, e.g. a hotel room.

Our TSCM Travel Kits are designed specifically for our client’s needs and requirements. This is because the threats often differ for each client – different threats often need additional equipment to detect them. It also depends on the area being visited; this often determines the threat and what is required for the kit. That said, although they are bespoke to each client, they generally all have several items that are a must. As they are travel kits, the aim is to keep them as small as possible so they can be included in carry-on baggage or not take up large amounts of room in hold baggage.

For this client, once we had assessed and researched the threat and locations of travel, we identified the best items for the TSCM Travel Kits; this included a spy–finder, door-jammer, RF-receiver, endoscope-camera and a thermal-imaging-camera that fits your iOS device. During his trip the client needed to visit several remote area where cell coverage was limited, so he requested a Satellite-phone. In addition to the travel kit and satellite phone we also procured and set up a secure laptop with secure boot USBs and a secure GSM phone to use on his travels.

These pieces of kit are part of a more extensive set, and depending on the client’s need, we can either expand the items to include more, which will allow you to give a more in-depth sweep capability or cut it down depending on the duration and destination. Another essential part of this process is to ensure the people using the equipment have received a high standard of training to ensure they understand the kit’s capability and maximise it in protecting the client from compromise.

Although these travel kits are great for clients, this is no substitute for a full technical TSCM sweep. By default, you should have a TSCM sweep done; however, due to logistics, time constraints and budgets, this can not always be the case; therefore, our TSCM Travel Kits are ideal for your travelling needs.

For more information on the travel kits, please do get in touch with us.

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