A Very Happy Vaisakhi


VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED would like to wish all our Sikh friends, colleagues and the wider Sikh community a very happy Vaisakhi.

Gurpreet Thathy explained to us all at Valkyrie the significance of this festival and the importance of the date in the Sikh calendar.

It is the day when Sikhism was born as a collective faith and to establish the Khalsa – this is the collective name given to Sikh’s who are baptised. The story goes that Guru Gobind Singh Ji came out of a tent carrying a sword and said that any Sikh prepared to give his life for his faith should come into the tent. Five men disappeared into the tent, and the Guru came out – alone – with blood on his sword. This worried the crowds. That is until the five men then came out from the tent unharmed and wearing turbans. They became known as Panj Piare or the ‘Beloved Five’ – and they were to be the first members of the Khalsa. They were baptised by the Guru who sprinkled them with Amrit, which is the Sikh word for holy water. He also said prayers.

Happy Vaisakhi and have a great weekend

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