Cyber Security

The simple fact is in today’s digital world, data leakage and loss must be expected if organisations and individuals do not implement up-to-date security safeguards to protect them. The issue will only grow with the coming boom in wearable technology – from smart watches to glasses coupled with vast numbers of devices in that broad category of “Internet of Things” that will be part of the technology.

In addition to the governance and security that already exist, risks and associated controls (if they exist) that accompany this boundary-less technology must be assessed to ensure that enterprise information assets are protected and available.

Valkyrie offers a comprehensive suite of advanced cyber security services, designed specifically for information security and networks. We work strategically with our clients delivering continuous IT security improvement utilising only the very best people, partners, processes and technology to deliver consistency and quality. 

Services for HNWI and Corporate include but are not limited to:

  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Privacy and Security Exposure Reports (PSER)
  • Cyber Penetration Testing
  • Device Compromise Checks
  • Data Breach Simulations
  • Social Engineering Exercises